Staff mobility is an excellent opportunity to share experience with colleagues at other institutions, develop new teaching methods, promote future projects and increase the internationalization. The staff employed at the Applied Studies Belgrade participate in teaching mobility programmes and staff weeks organized by partner institutions.

Staff mobility is realized via the stay of staff employed at the Academy for Applied Studies Belgrade as the sending/home institution at the receiving/host institution abroad, and their return to the sending/home institution when the mobility period expires, with the aim of:

  1. giving lectures;
  2. professional training;
  3. inter-institutional cooperation and cooperation on international projects.

The general conditions that AASB employee must fulfil in order to participate in outgoing mobility are the following:

  • Тhe employee must be employed at AASB  (based on employment contract) which lasts longer than the planned duration of the mobility period for which the employee is applying;
  • Тhe employee knows the foreign language necessary for the realization of mobility.

When applying for mobility, the employee submits the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Invitation Letter from the higher education institution where the mobility is realized;
  • The Activity Plan Proposal for activities that will be realized during the stay at the partner higher education institution;
  • Foreign language certificate (for most cases it should be English, and / or the language of the country where the mobility is realized, in some cases);

The certificate of the number of previously achieved mobilities.