The mission of AASB is to contribute to the social development of the Republic of Serbia by providing a quality vocational education and create opportunities for further professional development for staff working in the fields of medicine, tourism and hospitality. Through its international activities, AASB aims to ensure the continuous advancement of competences for its staff, as well as the conditions for acquiring knowledge and skills for its students which will make them competitive at the national, European and global labour market.

Our common mission is creativity, faster innovations in education. ASSB supports appropriate initiatives and ideas of students and staff which contribute to the improvement of the developmental potential and the international status of ASSB.


The vision of ASSB is to continuously realize its own development as a modern education institution, known for its quality schooling of experts who possess practical skills and knowledge and are able to apply it, experts who will be able to solve particular problems and thus contribute to the development of their city, region and broader community which in turn contributes to a faster development of Serbia. ASSB should hold and improve its position as an important element in the regional and European education system, firmly incorporated in those systems and well connected with organisations working in education and research, as well as with relevant establishments.

AASB is a partner recognized by the similar higher education institutions both in Serbia and abroad as an institution with the highest standards which enable its students to gain applied and general knowledge and skills, in accordance with the demands of the labour market and the society as a whole.